A workstation for young creatives in the heart of Accra

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Vibrate studio

Accra’s Community recording studio and alt-focused Music Business Program

Vibrate studio is a community recording music studio and music business program designed to educate and equip emerging music entrepreneurs in the alternative music scene with tools and skills necessary to compete in the global music market. Rather than traditional learning, Vibrate Studio seeks to empower creatives through community building and mentorship.

With the facility being located at the Freedom Skatepark, the Surf Ghana collective seeks to launch a workstation for young creatives in the heart of the city of Accra. Vibrate studio will be officially opened on October 14, 2022.

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A Recording Studio and more

Far more than a recording studio designed to foster collaboration among young creatives, Vibrate will implement a music business educational program which will employ both online and in-person workshops and masterclasses on topics carefully selected by Vibrate Studio and its partners. Resources persons ranging from all aspects of the music business will be invited to share their knowledge and experience with budding creatives.

Practical sessions in the form of workshops will be dedicated to acquiring hands-on skills like recording, mixing, mastering and DJing among others. More than just serving as a space to nurture promising music talents, this program will cater to multiple facets of the music industry.

The Vibrate Studio Team

While Vibrate is an initiative of Sandy Alibo, founder of Surf Ghana Collective, the larger program is a result of the efforts of multiple stakeholders including music streaming giants, Spotify, LA based creative collective pgLang, Grammy Award-winning music director, producer and songwriter Peter Cottontale, Accra based radio community Oroko Radio as well as members from Ghanaian collective SuperJazzClub.

With a team that is heavily passionate and involved in the global music scene, Vibrate will leverage on its partnerships around the world to create a program relevant enough to address issues surrounding the ever-evolving global music industry.

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Vibrate studio

About Surf Ghana

Surf Ghana collective is a social platform founded in 2016 and registered as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The collective aims to use the practice of board sports as a driver for education, social inclusion, and empowerment for the youth, curating events, sports experiences and building sports infrastructure. With a total of 40 active members, the collective contributes to action sports as instructors, documentary filmmakers, photographers, djs, carpenters, 3D designers, writers, and artists.

Surf Ghana launched in December 2021 Freedom Skatepark, a recreational center dedicated to skate culture located in East Legon. With Vibrate, The collective plans to develop an original workstation for young creatives in Ghana. 

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The studio is available for the community From 12pm to 7pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

PS: We do not open on Mondays

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